Date Crumblies

Wednesday 28 November 2007

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Clare gave me this recipe and I have no idea what to call them. They are a bit like a flapjack - but not as oaty!

I make them in a 11 X 7 tray - I have managed to find a couple with straighter sides so that when cut into portions they are all a similar size

Date Crumblies
200g of dates chopped and simmer with water – just keep adding a little water until it is a thick paste if that makes sense
225g Plain flour (wholemeal is good)
100g Rolled Oats
75g Soft Brown Sugar
150g Margerine or butter

Melt marg and sugar add flour and oats.

Put half into the tin and squash it down - I just do it with my fist, I did try it with a wooden mallet thing but it stuck! Spread dates evenly, and then sprinkle remainder over the top as a crumble. Squash it a little bit so it sticks when cooked

I think you could use between 150 and 250 g of dates - really depending on taste. Clare also said you can use apricots

Bake 200c – 20 mins cut into 16 or thereabaouts I do 5 X 3 portions so 15. It tastes fab - but I must admit doesn't look as attractive as some thing, and funnily enough a few people couldn't decide if they would like dates when I put them on the market!

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  1. I love these, they were always a stable in our house around Christmas. I think they are called Matrimonial Date Bars but not sure why.


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