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Sunday 10 May 2009

Where does the time go - all you blogging guys are amazing that you find so much time for this!

Well the forum seems to have settled down and I think I have got it as folks like it. I have just changed something so that you can choose another style if you don't like the standard one, not sure if I will keep it - will depend on what you guys think!
Crafts by Carolyn Forum

So I have finally made a few cards - we had rubber stamped image swap on the forum and I got these two yesterday. The top one I did and then realised it fitted Nikki's challenge on her blog

The next one is one of Nikki's stamps that hs been drawn by Sally-Ann - I just love her designs. Isn't he cute. I don't do many kids cards - so was a bit stuck tbh - and have made it look a bit grown up!

We have some new sponsors on the forum now - and a really nice selection of people - a lot that make and design their own products so are very unique...check out them here

I have been busy getting some new web pages together, a bit of everything - some have already been seen on the forum - but I need to get all the menus sorted out. So hopefully by next weekend I will have everything together and will send out a newsletter.

Finally I have been playing with the craft robo and set up this - you can use it for post it notes - or just a card...details to follow later. Along with a template for you to trace and cut


  1. Awww, that little dinosore(sp?) card is so cute

  2. Great cards Carolyn, love that gardening teddy one lol.

  3. Hi Carolyn your cards are beautiful thanks for popping by my place.
    Hugs Linda

  4. Love, love, love the dinosaur and bear cards.
    Vince X


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