Owen's Jeans

Friday 4 September 2015

This is a smaller bag that I made from the left overs of Owen's jeans.

I used the back pockets first, and then realised I messed it up and could have used the front pockets had I cut them better:

first one and second one here

I know for next time to cut past the seams so that there is some fabric that can be used to join rather than cutting up to the seams.

As I didn't have enough to make a strap I used the lining fabric to make handles by folding them in four, like on the little bags I have been

Of course I added a Kanzashi flower and a pocket inside, and then made a tissue pouch as well.  I struggled to get the machine to sew through the bits where the flowers are sewn so have hand sewn that bit and put flowers so that you can't see so obviously.

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