Zipped pouch tutorial - top zip

Wednesday 1 June 2016

I thought I would do a few pictures on how to add a zip to a simple pouch.  I found that I got a neater finish by putting tabs on the end of the zip, as there is a lot less bulk with the final sewing.  So took these pictures to remind me how I actually did it!

The nylon zips make life to simple - you can just chop off the ends and make any size bag you like.  I bought a job lot of ebay sometime ago and are great for 'crafting' projects.

You need to start by making little tabs for the end of the zips, I suggest that you need to do it at least an inch on the end, so your fabric needs to be 3 inches to allow for the turnings.  You don't want the zip to be at the ends of the tab, but in enough for the sewing to hold.

So once you have done that you need to cut 4 pieces of your fabric (2 for the lining).  A width to match your zip with tabs.  Place your zip on the lining, wrong sides together - the zip upwards.  Then place your on top with wrong side facing up.

Now sew neatly reasonably close to the zip, you don't need to be that close, just even distance away when you do the other side.

You may need to slide the zipper along, I start with it in the middle and zip it back.

Do the same the other side and you should be left with this, you can top stitch on the outside now:

Now you need to unzip the zip at least half way, match all the outsides together and the lining together (rights sides). 

Make sure that the outside fabric is facing down into the lining like this:

Sew all the way around, leaving a gap on the lining bottom.  A couple of inches.

Snip the corners, turn it all the right way around by using the gap in the lining...ta dah.....

You will need to sew up the turning gap.

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