Drawstring bags

Sunday 2 April 2017

I was looking for something different to make this week, and wandered around the internet for inspiration.  I stumbled across something known as an origami bag, or I think maybe lotus flower are similar, with 4 'petals'.  You start with 2 pieces of fabric 17 inches square, and basically seam all the way around (qtr inch is good). Then fold up the

There seems to be various different ways to finish the bags, you can overlap the two points by a lot or a little, and you end up with a smaller bag but 'pockets' on the outside.

I played about and chose an in between amount - Debbie Shore has a video where she does 1.5 inches - I went for a bit more.

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I then additionally sewed the front 'pockets' with a line of stitching from point on one side to the other, and hand stitched a little way along once done, so you can pop something in there now.

I thought my fabric was not that 'thick' but once all sewn together I realised that the 'close' wasn't super tight, but think that is fine.

So I then moved onto a drawstring bags and made the one on the right with a flower.

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