Fabric shopping

Monday 20 January 2020

As you all know I quite like buying fabric, a couple of weeks ago I went to the Millshop online in Northampton, worth a visit, although their fabrics are mainly suitable for curtains and blinds.
After a proper look around I managed to get myself some January bargains and got this lot!  perfect for some of my projects.  A lot of the fabric were too large print to make bags from, but I had a lovely mooch around.

On the subject of fabric shopping someone has done a very handy little interactive map on Cambs and local area:
www.Runique.co.uk blog post and here is the Map

inspired me to have a go and do one for Bedfordshire:
Bedfordshire fabric shopping

there is also some more shopping here:
Even more fabric shopping inspiration


  1. Hi Carolyn, great list. If you could credit my page as the creator of the Cambs list that would be brilliant. I'm www.Runique.co.uk
    Thanks Rudy

  2. yes link was there, have changed the description :)


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