Headbands - the coronavirus

Saturday 25 April 2020

These headbands are being worn by facemask wearers, as wearing one can make your ears ache, so I made a few following one of the many patterns on various Facebook groups.  I couldn't get anyone local to reply on FB - so in the end I posted them to an address that someone gave me in Wigan.

I hope that they are OK for them.

After much research I did find that you can buy your postage from the Royal Mail website (which I know they have been doing something like that for years) but what I didn't know is there are parcel 'boxes' dotted around and so maybe next time I will put them in a box and make more.

https://www.royalmail.com/d8/parcel-post-boxes there is one just around the corner from the diaysis unit.

I got mixed reviews on Hermes, so in the end gave them a miss, I needed something that was contactless.

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