Rhubarb Cake & Figs

Monday, 10 August 2020 Ampthill, Bedford MK45, UK


As you will have seen I had a lot of rhubarb, so I decided to cook and freeze some - and will have it with yoghurt, and then also fancied making a cake.
I spent ages looking at various recipes on the internet, then remembered I did one on this blog - was back in 2007, I used my grandads fruitcake recipe, and put raw rhubarb cut up into 1 inch lengths.  It worked perfectly - beautifully moist.

Rhubarb Cake:
6oz Margerine/butter
6oz Sugar - I did a mix of white and brown
2 Eggs
7oz Self raising flour
7oz Fruit - this would be the recipe using dried fruit - so I added nearly 10oz of rhubarb 1inch pieces
I also added some cinnamon.

Cream the fat and sugar together, add the eggs. Fold in the flour. 

Using an 8 inch tin - put some mix in the bottom of the tin, then a layer of rhubarb - and carried on going until was all used.  Putting some on the top - pushed down slightly

I sprinkled brown sugar on the top before and after cooking.

Cook for 1 hour 10 mins gas 4 180c

I baked the cake Thursday evening and enjoyed a piece Friday afternoon - have frozen the rest - for lunch I had figs and gorgonzola - yum

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