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Saturday 19 December 2020


I have had a lovely time making sweets over the last week, started with Coconut ice that I made many years ago, was quite simple, but second batch was so much better than the first.

I then moved onto chocolates, first I soaked glace cherries in gin for a few days, then covered them with plain chocolate in moulds.  Have to say cherries were too big for the moulds, so I had to cover with chocolate once out!   They taste better than they look....

I have also soaked mango in vodka, this time chopped up and added to moulds

I made Peanut Butter cups using recipe from before:

For the peanut centre
250g smooth peanut butter
30g butter
½ tsp vanilla extract
125g icing sugar

For the coating
150g dark chocolate
20g butter

Melt butter and vanilla in a bowl in microwave, then add the peanut butter warm more if necessary, and mix together.  Beat the mix until smooth.  Gradually add the sifted icing sugar.  

My peanut butter was quite runny this time - not sure why, but the mixture should be quite stiff, when done.

Make little balls and place on non stick sheet, and place in fridge, minimum 30 minutes.

Melt the butter and chocolate together until smooth.

Drop each peanut ball into the melted chocolate and use a teaspoon to help coat it completely in the chocolate.  I used a combination of bamboo skewers to assist with this.

Gave up with this method and put them in sweet cases, added chocolate on top and tapped the tray, and it levelled down.

Place the ball back onto the non stick sheet.

Makes around 25 peanut butter balls

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