Monday 24 January 2022


I have had a lot of odd beads for many years, making phone charms over 12 years ago, and then I was given an amazing amount of seed beads, so I decided to dust down my old tools and made a few beaded necklaces.

I am so pleased with them, and all of the beads were in my possession - with the exception of the few packets below that I bought from Ebay.

I did buy the beading board, and that made it so much easier to visualise how it would look as had so many odd beads.

I requested a bead loom for Christmas - so now on my list of things to play with, this was just a practice to see how it all works, so now I need to work out a pattern, and how to finish it.  will be great fun.

Lucky I have retired, seem to have so many things to do, no time to work.

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