Vintage Challenge

Sunday 11 February 2007

Well I have had a shift around with the blog today and changed the template - need to do a few more changes - trying to find various settings, but as yet can't locate everything. I thought the previous template was very narrow, so am having a go with this. Trouble is some of the older postings look a bit odd - but what the heck! One day I will actually get a heading, but not today!

I launched another challenge for the rubber stampers on Crafts by Carolyn forum, I am still very much a learner in rubber stamping, so the challenges have to be within my capability and within my rubber stamp range! So today's challenge is Vintage and I did these two cards as my starter for 10! The second is done using the stamp I bought last Saturday I have to say I am enjoying being challenged - even though I am setting the challenge it is making me think of some new ideas.

I was lucky enough to get a copy of 'Memory Makers' January edition of the market in milton Keynes for 75p I have enjoying browsing through that.


  1. Lovely cards - love that vintage feel...

    Get you being all technical changing your blog - I'm lucky if I can remember how to log into mine LOL!

  2. ooooo I 'know' that stamp *wink*

  3. A very kind friend has lent me a set of stamps...when do you want them back? I guess you don't need them for a couple of weeks! :)


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