Saturday 1 September 2007

Owen has always wanted to go to a theme park and it really isn't Paul's kind of thing - although we did Flambards in Cornwall, and have been to Legoland and Gulliver's land in the past - I promised I would take him...if the weather was Ok on Wednesday. Well the weather was OK and have to say we had a lovely day out - although those places certainly 'eat' your money! Luckily we had a free entry ticket so it was not so bad. The log flume and the grass snake rollercoaster - were Owen's favourties and we swent on the twice...he didn't fancy a couple of the rides, and the bubble works had over an hour to queue, which did seem such a waste of the day. If we go back I think I will pay the extra to queue jump - at £6 each it might have been worth it.

He had to ring the bell at the top of this ladder which twists around to win the prize - a few little'uns did it but I did not see anyone bigger win. Another £1 wasted - not that I really needed a dragon!

This large sealion - just appeared to be sunbathing....and generally entertaining the crwods on his own.

We had a nice wander around the zoo - which made a change from the busy rides and was quite relaxing. A bit different to the safari park - you can get up quite close to the animals - although the gorilla looked very sad.

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