Chocolate rock cakes

Wednesday 30 April 2008

Just a quick update, I have been baking this morning, and made choc muffins with mini marshmallows - and will add that soon. I did these last week, and am catching up! I am off out to lunch today with Ann - we are just popping over to a garden centre and a local pub - this is not a crafty or a cooking friend so just gossip today! Went out with Jane and did some crafty shopping a couple of weeks am catching up on my status of a lady who lunches! Next week Clare is coming round.

I saw this recipe in a book and decided to just use my normal rock cake recipe
But instead of currants I used a combination of chopped glace cherries and apricots, and I added 1 oz of cocoa, using lightly less flour and I guess a little more milk to make it the right consistency.

I sprinkled with brown sugar as well before popping themin the oven. They tasted nice but wasn't too sure if they looked that nice. So I dusted with a little icing suagr to take away the browness! My son liked them - but still prefers the peanut butter choc chip cookies - which just do not seem to sell on Ampthill Country Market sadly.

Interestingly I slightly singed my ginger cake and so cut the top of it and iced it - and they all sold - so this week I have decided to ice the ginger cake as standard - and see if it sells quicker!

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  1. You are a tease, the look yummy., I could just east (all) of them.


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