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Sunday 13 April 2008

I have not been keeping things up to date on here once again. So will do a few posts to catch up!
Firstly as promised here are the pages I did on Nigel's CJ, his journal was entitled from Dusk until dawn...and was about anything that happened in this time. Well the first thing I do is have a cup of tea when I arrive home from work, and always have another beofre I go to bed - so thought this was the best subject!

I made a little pocket and and put a tea bag inside, and the other page there is a William Cowper Poem - which seems to sum things up nicely.

I have got mine back now - and have just taken some photos - but need to sort them out - so will post them later in the week.

I have mine already sorted as I took them before I posted the journal. And I thought I would add them now as they fit in nicely with a Challenge that is currently running on the cbc forum

Mine was all about chocolate - having read The Chocolate Lover's Club by Carole Matthews and then went to the launch of the second book - I came away with a free box of chocolates that were in a box that was such a great metallic copper colour. So this was the start of my journal.

I couldn't decide whether to start with a recipe, the history of chocolate or a quote. In the end I went for a quote.

Under the chocolate box cover is a picture of the inside of a box of chocolates - and the quote just seem to suit it!

I spent ages trying to find some images for the sign out page - and ended up taking pictures of the chocolates!


  1. If I was a chocolate lover I would be drooling by now LOL! Lovely pages.

  2. wow they look lovely!!


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