Friday 11 July 2008

Today I didn't work as I worked yesterday.....I went in for a special meeting that was cancelled when I got in.....tee hee

But it worked out well in the end as Sue was free and we went off to Stamp Addicts I know this will surprise you all but I spent more than Sue...although I think she may have spent more than me in the previous week or so! So I treated myself to two new stamps and the new look Craft Stamper mag and a couple of other bits. We then had a nice Lunch at the Chequers just outside Ampthill, on the road to Bedford.

Not had time to play with anything yet and one was a Christmas stamp.

I have finally finished all of the updates to Crafts by Carolyn for this month and I hope that you like all of the new stuff and all of the changes - if you aren't on my mailing lists here is the newsletter. I am off for a lie down now....

So I have not had much of a chance to make many new cards, although have sold a few over the last few I have just this one to show you - this is using the FREE download paper on the site.

BTW MikeH is now running the site and I am still in the forum, but not in charge :) So if you live in or around Ampthill pop across and see what is going on.


  1. This card is so pretty and elegant

    Sarah x

  2. ...I am still in the forum, but not in charge :)

    Oh yes you are!

    I just get to fix the problems (mostly of my own creation) and do the backups every week. ;-)

  3. Ohhhh WOW this is just gorgeous x


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