getting there...

Thursday 5 November 2009

Well after loads of decision making we are getting there, and the bathroom is almost finished - just need to decorate the little bit that hasn't got tiles, and get the flooring down. The conservatory is up and almost finished, just needs some power and lights and other bits and bobs. I think we have decided on the has a fantastic glass roof, it doesn't show on the picture I will have to take some more later.

We now have lovely new windows on the back as well.

We also need a patio laying, the shed pulling down (well I think it will fall down!), and I have loads of work to do in the garden...although have made a start. The new shed is going further up the garden too and I have even ordered that! I have never made so many decisions all at once!

This was what the garden looked like a few summers ago with the shrub bed in the middle:

And I have now dug up a lot of them and will put grass down...and plat a bigger border at the top. The trellis has gone too - but I did that after the pic!


  1. Conservatory's looking good - and sounds as if everything's coming together. x


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