2010 - already

Saturday 9 January 2010

My updates have become very sparse...I am still busy and am always on the forum and keep adding new bits to the www.Craftsbycarolyn.co.uk web site - but just never get around to updating my blog/facebook/twitter.....

Today I have made some quick and easy Valentine Cards and will take some pics when they are dry....I thought I would share my little Christmas cake that I made in a muffin tin - I made 4 small cakes like last year and there was enough mix left to fill 2 muffins tins. I spotted this polar bear on Kirstie's homemade Christmas - I am sure he looked better in real life.....I really got behind this year with working 4 days a week and having the conservatory and bathroom done. We finally had the floor fitted in the conservatory on 23 Dec, and we had our Christmas decs out there, which we put up on Christmas Eve. We had our Christmas dinner and lots of time out there...but have to say it is pretty cold out there now that it has snowed, and I guess it still needs some drying out time and in this weather it isn't getting it.

So like everyone else in the Uk we have had some snow this week - I walked into town on Wednseday - and there was this much snow. We have not had much more thankfully - although it is so cold it just hasn't gone, and this road is still treacherous. I didn't go to work on Wednesday - and went in on Thursday and Friday...very icy was glad to be back home!

Just found out that one of the 'celebs' in Dancing on Ice is living in Ampthill - Emily Atack - so Ampthill is on the map again!

If you are bored and fancy making a card I have posted a Gingham challenge on the forum.....challenge


  1. That cake is so cute ... the snow is beautiful ... but it aint half cold :0)

  2. Emily who???

    I love the polar bear Carolyn so very clever

  3. ...I don't actually know who she is...just heard it on the local radio - but I do know ho her mum is - Kate Robbins


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