Hats - more knitting and crochet

Thursday 10 February 2011

I settled down and made a few hats to put on the Country stall market in Ampthill for the run up to Christmas, unfortunately we just don't get loads of the custom, so I didn't sell them all - but I did sell a few, not that I priced them that high - it was really for something to do and kept me out of mischief, and used up some yarn that I had for a while.

I made them in all sizes for babies right up to adult, mainly crocheted, but knitted a few. I gave some for presents and I also crocheted a couple from wool supplied to match scarves that my friend had woven, you can see some of her scarves on Ampthill Country Market, which is a little site I put together for them. Doing them in double crochet gives a close texture similar to weaving and matched in nicely.

So I guess I made around 15 of them but I do have a few left if anyone wants one :)


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