More Barbie - well in my case Sindy

Sunday 13 February 2011

Another dress for my Sindy with a broken ankle - you can't see it - she just can't put too much weight on it. Luckily she is super slim and barely weighs anything....

So this one is dead easy - I wandered around the internet and saw loads of patterns and this was a conglomeration, I made one in yellow 4 ply (I had given to me from when Mum knitted stuff - probably for Owen!) and sold it on Ampthill Country Market before Christmas, just for £2 - wasn't really sure how much to charge....

The frill is just knitted in garter stitch, and after a while reduced down to 30 stitches - then it is st st and then rib for the top. But this was the first time I had done it with this particular 4 ply, and I really needed a couple more - so did increase it to 32.

I managed to find this ball for £1 at Hexton Village Hall - Country Matters. They have an eclectic mix of handmade items as well as other bits and bobs like wool. It is run as a co-operative, and well worth a visit if you are that way. They have a lovely tea shop - with a roaring log fire and homemade cakes. I thoguht they had a web site - but I can't find one now. Also in the village is the Bothy.


  1. You seem to be on a knitting roll :-) Well done! :-)

  2. You'll be knitting one for yourself next Carolyn.

  3. if only I had that figure.....


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