Lemons, baking, sowing seeds and wild daffodils!

Wednesday, 31 March 2021


Today I sat in my friends garden and she gifted me some lemons (and eggs) as she hadn't made me a cake for coffee, so sent me home with a kit instead!

They looks so pretty in her lemon tree, and they are fabulous lemons, they have such a lovely taste, not bitter at all.

I just made my usual lemon loaf cake, and added a few frozen raspberries, I will add more next time, they made a nice addition to the cake. 

I also sowed a load of seeds, maybe should have done a week or 2 earlier, but do find if I do them too early, they get a bit leggy in our north facing conservatory before they are ready to go out.  So will see what happens.  Some seeds were more of the super old ones I had, along with some new ones that came free with last years magazine.  Plus toms and lettuce.

On Monday I went to Maulden Woods for a walk with a friend and saw all these 'wild' daffodils so pretty.

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