Little Shed

Sunday, 25 April 2021

The last few weeks, I have been clearing the garage, as I am going to convert it into my 'studio'.

As part of the process, of finding somewhere to put everything I have a anew little shed out the front, for all the things I need at the front, the stuff you would keep at the back of the garage!

So here is my cute little shed - just 4 x 3, I need to sort out something 'paving' wise at the front, but that can be done later.  Have painted in Sadolin, and put up shelves and hooks put up, I even put some wood on the floor as have to say floor was quite thin.  Still looking neat and tidy and garage pretty much emptied now.  All things car and a few more things in there.

Found it to be a little sun trap and found 2 little old deckchairs and have been sitting out there in between bouts of tidying :)  Even managed find a space for the chairs for now!

And I also bought a new coldframe/greenhouse thingy.  My drill has been working overtime, as added more shelves in the big shed too.

Wood seems very light to me - gave it a coat of fence paint, hoping that make a slightly longer life for it.  The plastic cover seems very good though, even has little side vents - although no idea how they stay open.  Meant I could tie it to the fence.  No idea why the fence is so broken along there, I think the lad next door used to try and climb over.....

Cleared out cold frame too, just need to get lid on and I will put some of the seedlings out in the next week.

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