Bags from curtains and other fabric

Tuesday 11 May 2021


I have recently joined Maulden WI, and they have a weekly dabble group.  We are going to learn some new skills as well as making some items for charity.

I have made some bags using donated curtains and other fabrics for Baby Basic MK the latest quick and easy makes were these 2 bags from a table runner.  Think the strap stitching could have been a bit neater, but hadn't realised i was going to do them until couldn't think what else to use for the strap.  I had some white webbing that did the job.

I did also make this pile of drawstring and big bags that the mums will take their things into hospital.  I did french seams as the curtain fabric would have frayed a lot, and hopefully will be sturdy enough to get all their things in.  I seemed to be sewing forever as they were so big.

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