Lampshade for the garden and foal!

Monday, 24 May 2021


Last week I walked along Gas House Lane to visit a friend in her garden, and I just couldn't resist taking a photo of this little chap

He was out in the field with his mum and he was so nosey that he came up to the fence to see me, didn't touch him joust in case Mum got worried.  Such a cutey.

Dug over one of the veg patches on Saturday, the soil in them is so good now, as I have added compost to it over the years, was very easy to pull out the weeds, and have no planted toms, lettuce and courgettes.  not really stopped raining on them since.  Need to add the runners, but was so windy thought would leave them a day or two, maybe tomorrow.

And finally I picked up this Moroccan lampshade from freecycle - I hope to put some solar lights in it, and either hang it or put in amongst plants in the garden.  Nice to give it another lease of life.  I have cleared out the garage and made a start on the loft and nothing has gone to landfill yet - all been collected and given a new life.

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