My new craft studio

Monday 20 September 2021

This was the room earlier today

Over the past few months we have been having the garage converted into a craft studio for me, It took a little longer than expected, but should be finished this week.

As there is no door on it yet, I took the opportunity to get everything in the room so no damaging the door or frame!

I have had a few trips to IKEA, and still looking for ideas to 'store' things.  I had this large wooden shelving unit, so set to and have painted this with an eggshell paint "singing in the rain"

This one came in 2 halves made it much easier to handle

Then I bought 2 new ones from Ikea, these are 50cm deep, I actually had some 30cm deep.  I spent ages painting them, and then suddenly Ikea had the 50cm back in stock.  So painting started all over again.  The others have now gone in the shed, and look much smarter than the metal racking I had in there!  That racking has found a new home too, so all good.

I am trying to use what I have, but am liking the grey/yellow vibes.  These 'in trays' that I brought home from work years ago as we went 'paperless' are perfect for the fabric (and other items), so have sorted out the grey ones, and all the other odd colours I have been busy spraying them yellow.

Managed to find some yellow boxes that were in the shed, so they have been repurposed them into the room, only yellow and grey boxes now allowed.

So here it is with the furniture moved in, desks are new, bookcases are from my 'old' room so have dusted them down and they look OK

I have 3 roller blinds ready to go on the front of the shelves, think that maybe the next task.

So now I am going through everything and will move on a few things to other 'people' and let them have a new life.

Put the LED lights back up

And this pile of stuff, I need to go through and put in the shelves, it should fit as it came out of them.

Started filling the bookcase now.....

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