Sunday 30 April 2023

 I had an enjoyable Friday afternoon in a shop in Ampthill, Shabbylass...doing a mosaic

The workshop was run by another lady from Ampthill.  She provided everything we needed and we had the option of an indoor or an outdoor project.  If I had more time i would probably have fiddled a bit more and added a few extra pieces of tiles.  but as a first attempt it was great fun

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I was given various kits for birthday and still have one to do, should take some better pics really!  these had no tile cutting, but think they are still really effective.

I have now amassed some bits and bobs, including a job lot of tiny mosaic tiles from someone on Facebook, and a mirror ball that was falling to bits from Barnardos (tiles all removed from said ball), so think I am ready to have a go at a few things now.

here are all my new tiles!

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