Preparing for Birmingham

Thursday 18 May 2006

Well I have a bit of a do on in Birmingham on Saturday. There are 50 odd of us from my crafts web site that are meeting up. We even have 2 from overseas (Canada and Switzerland) and also two from Scotland - how exciting!

I have been busy getting things from the shop to take and also I am getting prepared to make some cakes - for our afternoon tea!

We have all sorts of things arranged from demo's, shopping and a good time shall be had by all. Then some of us are going on for a meal after.

So I have been to Tesco's and bought my baking ingredients and have made a cake today. This one I had never made before and looks like it is a good keeper. I think I will have to test a slice before I take it...always nervous using a new recipe for the first time...this one is a bit different a carrot and honey it may be awful. But just wanted to have a try.

Got an order being delivered tomorrow, hopefully there will be some exciting goodies that I can take along....

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