Final SAT's results

Friday 7 July 2006

Owen got his Science results and he was 1 mark away from a 5A, but I reckon a 5B is excellent - and we are both really pleased. Owen seemed to think it was worth a special present for doing so well...not sure how special - maybe I need to do a poll!

I went home via B & Q - makes a change - had to take things back and get a different light, boy was it slow getting a refund. I left work idea why other than the boss came into ask some questions, and then the other boss Julian started asking questions. We had quite a laugh at work today, the new 'team' seem to be getting on well! (I know some read this so have to be nice about them!)

Once home Owen announced that he was 'manning' the cake stall at the summer fair tomorrow and it would be nice to have some cakes....(time of this statement approx 7.10pm) So managed to find some ingredients in the boxes that are stacked high in the spare room...and made some rock cakes and some melting moments. Owen did do most of it - and it was nice to see him so enthusiastic about his duties tomorrow. Alameda Middle School encourage the pupils to organise the summer fair and the winter one is more by parents and teachers. AND it was a good test of the new oven that seemed to work just fine...

...talking of which the fitting of the kitchen should all be finished tomorrow morning (it is pretty much done now) better get shopping again!


  1. Well done Owen :-)

    The kitchen is coming along so quickly Carolyn - can't wait to see more piccies :-)

  2. ...and I bet it look fantastic

    remember I am avaialable for 'openings' and 'unveilings'

    I am sur you have some ribbon I can cut

  3. Love the look of your kitchen Carolyn.We need a new kitchen but i cant be botherd with all the up heavel.

  4. Well done Owen on the results of your sat's. Bet your mum is very proud of you.

  5. Thanks girls - I will let Owen know your comments!


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