Saturday 15 July 2006

Today I have mostly been painting....not the Rolf Harris type but the gloss type! I have painted 3 doors, 2 radiators, the window and all the skirting and architraves in the kitchen, I also decided to do the white woodwork in the downstairs loo and the radiator. I then started doing the cutting in for the emulsion and have filled in seceral holes around - so hopefully will be able to sand down and make a start on the walls tomorrow. Paul had already painted the ceiling and Owen had done some of the skirting :)

Paul and Owen went to a football tournament - they left at 8.00am and arrived home at 5.00pm...I am sure Owen has a touch of sun stroke - he has a headache! Mind you with them out of the way all day it meant I didn't have any reason to get sidetracked. Needless to say they only got to the quarterfinal - no idea what time they would ahve come home if they had won!

I hope to go and the tiles tomorrow (was going to get them today but I painted the window and didn't like to go out leaving them all open!). And the tiler is going to try and fit me in a couple of afternoons this things are moving along.

Fabulously sunny - although not seen much of it!

Karen and John over the road moved out yesterday - they have chosen the right weekend to move to their new house with a swimming pool! Karen always used to take my cards to work and regularly sold a few...... :(

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