Sunday...unpacking cupboards

Sunday 9 July 2006

Today was one of those days that I was busy for most of the day - but there is still loads to do. Went to Tesco's Flitwick - not been for a long time as I have been shopping on the internet - so was quite a treat....not! As usual there were several things they should stock that they were out of stock, and we now have a glut of peas as Paul added them to list before checking we had an unopened packet...wouldn't mind but I don't even like them.

I then have spent the rest of the day unpacking everything back into the kitchen and even got sidetracked tidying the understairs cupboard. All boxes have been emptied, and the skip out the front is full!

It is Owen's sports day on Tuesday so I will probably leave work early to watch the end - it is on all day, so the last hour or two will be enough methinks.

Here is another pic of the kitchen as I didn't include that one yesterday....

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