December 7th

Thursday 7 December 2006

christmas lights

This week the postie brought me my Crop-a-dile - apparently I need one, and they were so cheap on US bay I couldn't resist, especially as the dollar is doing us loads of favours atm. I bought it from this seller, although she doesn't seem to have any at the moment. I would definitely recommend her - it came within a week and the shipping was $12 or you can have two for the same ship fee. So the big question is have you got one and what do you use yours for?

Well I have finished my CJ pages - but they are a secret until the end so I can't show you...which is a real shame cos I have never done anything like this before and am itching to show someone!

I can confirm that the cookies that are in the step by step guide today were fine...we eat the last few this week and we made them the Sunday before last! I hope that you like making them.

Question 7 for the 7th December.....
All the answers are somewhere on the site including the gallery and the forum, and these are the only accepted right answers. I hope that you are enjoying a look around the site, and maybe stumbling across things that you didn't know were there.

"if you were born on Boxing day what is your star sign?"

Once you have found the answer go to the advent calendar to submit your can only be entered on the 7th December.

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