CJ's have been exchanged

Tuesday 6 March 2007

Well the day has come where we get our CJ back...mine is really fab and I am just so pleased with it. I will be showing it off to everyone in the coming weeks, and I will get some photos taken tomorrow and get it on the gallery. I thought I would give you a preview of some of the pages I did for other journals over the next couple of days, I know that one has not arrived yet so won't do that one today...here are the first two..(you should be able to click through for larger pics)

CharlieCat had the theme of my Pet - but I didn't have a pet :( - the nearest I have is a cute cuddly child...and I decided that it is sometimes like having a pet...although he doesn't look like this now...no where near as blonde!

The next is Carol's and her theme was Friends, I was last to do the page on this journal - so a lot of the ideas I had thought considered had been done...so I decided to go with these pages..thanks to a bit of brainstorming with Mel and Em...thanks girls.

Here are all the little photos 'untucked!

and a couple are double sided!

I have to say I really enjoyed having the challenge of this - but have decided to sit out the next round...I need the rest tee hee.

This week I am going to be a lady that lunches and am seeing friends for the next couple of days....oh dear just as I was trying to be good in what I eat.....


  1. i really loved your entry into my cj carolyn - i will treasure it always.

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to make such a wonderful entry.


  2. Carolyn, all your entries in the CJs are fabby fabby fabby!
    I love the one u did in Carols, very good idea!!!
    I am gutted your not in the next lot! Hopefully I can persuade you to join in the next ones!! hehehe (gawd I am way ahead of myself already aren't I LOL)
    Thanks for making it all possible anyway. Love Melissa x

  3. Thanks girls - you know how I struggled with this so it is great to hear that they were Ok in the end!


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