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Thursday 1 March 2007

I met Clare (Kenspeckle) at Craft Addicts yesterday, we were in the shop fo an hour and half...I seem to spend a lot more than Clare....I bought a denami rubber stamp, a teeny tiny judikins stamp, a set of Printworks UM stamps and some new Twinkling H2Os, oh and of course the Mask as already talked about on the forum!

As yet I have not used any of them - but I am sure I will use them at the weekend, I had a card order and the CJ to get out of the way this week. They are all done now so I can look to play and replenish my card stocks, and hopefully think of a new rubber stamping challenge for the weekend. I have turned into a spendaholic and actually have a couple of stamps that I still have no used that I got last week!

One item Clare spotted in Stamp Addicts that was quite a shock was some sandpaper about 4 pieces 3 inches square for £ people really get taken in by that? You can get a huge pack in Poundland...and I will elt you work out how much it is!

Any way I have gone off at a tangent - back to once we had made our purchses we went to Frosts Garden Centre for lunch - it was the nearest place I could think of, especially as Clare had to drive back to Cambridge it was at leat heading her way. We had a lovely lunch and a natter.

On the way home I went to Waitrose to get stir fry veg for tea and I bumped into someone (Sally) that I had not seen for years - and we have vowed that we will definitely get together for lunch in the next couple of weeks, so that will be nice.

I had a quick go at the template today, very simple but hopefully OK. The card looks two different colours - I guess it wuld be better taking a photo but it is a bit dark atm!

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