Exciting eh?

Saturday 3 March 2007

Well how exciting has today been - I played a bit this morning in between changing beds and washing...and this afternoon we went up to the Bedford Interchange Retail Park....I know pretty exciting stuff!

I had decided new pillows were in order for us all and we were like the three bears...all choosing different thicknesses...Owen chose soft, I chose feather and Paul chose medium! tee hee - so we will all be nice and snuggly tonight!

I also bought a proper chair for sitting at the PC and will stop using a dining room chair, must admit my back has been sore from the back of the chair.

And that was the day gone really - well apart from buying Owen some new trainers....how fab is he - still happy for £8.99 Umbro one - love it while it lasts!

I hope to get some crafting done, in the next few days. I have not played with my new toys yet!

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