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Wednesday 18 July 2007

...the school holidays start, not that we are up to much next week. Getting the kitchen floor done on Tuesday and the oven has been fixed - so that will be great. Now I am seriously thinking of extending the lounge and making a downstairs study!

Worked for two days so no cards made since the weekend. I went to the second meeting of the 'book club' last night. I have to say not sure we talked about the book (The Accidental Mother) that long....but it was a lovely evening! We gave the book between 6 and 7 out of 10 and generally felt that the characters could have been discovered a lot more.

So we now have a new book - The Alchemist - to read and really not sure this is my thing....It is only a little book so should be OK! and I have until September to read it. MiL gave me a load of books when I went in May so I shall take those on holiday...and report back!

I did read a Lesley Pearce book a couple of weeks back, I can't quite decide whether I liked this one or not, it did seem a bit too 'coincidental' at times too many things were connected, but I shall try another book by her for another time.

Off out to lunch with Vicky in a while - she is going back to Aus next month so it is a sad farewell. Tomorrow out for some crafty shopping at Tewin, and hope to got to WGC hospital to see my Aunt Rose who has had a stroke.

I am sure the garden could do with more sun - the veg patch is doing well tho - especially the courgettes - and I think I may have a glut of them. So to recap I have dug up the last of the potatoes, lettuces are fab - but the next batch are way behind, the runner beans are Ok - although some are doing much better than others, some little beans showing, a few tomatoes are there too, not ripening. The Loganberry has been giving me a ramekin dish full of fruit every day, Owen has been eating loads making them into smoothies! I even picked 5 raspberries from a bush Dad gave me in May. I have also got sweetcorn in, and french beans. Would love to hear any suggestions on things to grow for next year.

We got a digital recorder the other day via Top up TV as they had a great deal - very impressed - although it has turned Owen into a TV addict overnight....I think the novelty may wear off eventually!

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  1. I think you'll be surprised at The Alchemist. I read it quite a few years ago and it really is a lovely book.


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