A couple of cards

Tuesday 17 February 2015

So I decided to make a quick card with the crochet flower as promised, it was influenced by Liz's picture as it was a crocheted doll, and I have had these little flowers that I crocheted ages ago, and they were 'unearthed' in the room move!

Now I know there wasn't a lot of work in it - but I do like this stamp.  I also found these papers in the back of the cupboard - so this move has definitely been worth it.

I made this card on Sunday, and realised that some of the colours are also in the Rapunzel - so am sneaking this one in as part of the challenge too!

The feather was given to me by Cieran who lives in Ampthill and is just getting into card making, I gave him lots of bits and pieces that I was clearing out and he cut me some of these feathers as a thank you.  I added a bit of ink to the edges and decided to add a little bit of sparkle too.

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