Monday 4 May 2015

I thought I would have a go at sewing hearts, they are harder than you think as you need to get the round bits identical, otherwise you end up with a lopsided heart!

Being my usual self I just have to get it right and then make a template so that I can make them quicker each time.  So I now have two card templates one for the cutting and one for the sewing line that I draw onto the fabric.  I use much smaller stitches on the curves which makes for a smoother finish.

I also tried sewing the ribbon into the middle but it often puckers and so decided the easiest cheat was to sewing the ribbon afterwards, and put on a button as I have a good selection of these!

No idea if they will be liked - but have put lavender in some of them, but not all of them just in case it isn't popular.

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