Peg Bags

Saturday 2 May 2015

This week I have made a few peg bags, I did wander around the internet for some inspiration and also looked in some shops to see what is out there.

So after much mulling about I decided to buy some wooden children's hangers from Dunelm Mill, which at the time I thought the colours were perfect - but as you can see the finished article you wouldn't know what colour they were!

The fabric isn't super thick so I decided to just use it double so the inside is as pretty as the outside :)

I used the new machine and did a one step buttonhole for the hanger to poke through - wow that was so impressive, so easy once I watched the Youtube video

I then made a couple of others the pink doesn't have any ribbon or ric rac - couldn't decide if it needed it or not, so just added a flower.  I could put some bias binding along the top, but didn't have enough in the right colour.  Will walk into MK market next week - we have moved offices so it is a long walk now...but need a fabric/haberdashery fix!

Can you see that I am a little addicted to the Clover templates for the Kanzashi flowers, I have borrowed these two, I like the pointed one have just bought it for myself.

Pastiche in Ampthill have just started stocking them, but only one style at the moment, and had already ordered my latest choice...

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