Happy Christmas Everyone - Lego Christmas

Thursday 19 December 2019

Last Christmas I bought a couple of little Christmas Lego sets for Paul & Owen to make they were less than £10 each....and I got them out again this year, and spent an afternoon messing about expanding the 'scene' with Lego we had.

I was influenced by our recent trip to Cologne, and added the 'ice skittles' game that they were playing whilst we were drinking out Gluhwein, can't seem to get a decent picture.  I have now added more lights.

I did run out of 'relevant' people that could be at a German Christmas market, so Millhouse  from the Simpsons is there, along with a random guy that had no hair, so he has Wonder Womans' hair!

Clearly you can tell I am retired and that I have far too much time on my hands!  Had great fun....

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