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Sunday 19 July 2020

Here are some of my plants that have started flowering, the pinks were lasts years, begonias plugs in the post, and the ones in the middle were from seeds that I had in a box.

I wanted to share my very old polystyrene propagators, I have had these since the early 80s, guess it goes to prove how indestructable polystyrene is, but as I have had them so long, perhaps not so bad.

They have 5 X 8 little cells, I fill them with compost and normally perlite - but I haven't got any so have used sand and grit instead.  I generally take 5 from each plant and do a row of them, that way I don't label them - I just keep a list of the entire box.

Unfortunately I have no lids as they have all broken, I have managed to order a couple of new ones, so making do with these plastic trays for now.

Thought I would put a picture of the chairs so that can see how they are growing.  Looking much better now.

Gnome corner still needs some work - but the hydrangea has started flowering, this area is quite shady for a lot of the day, and thought i would try it there.  It is in a pot.

and here is some of the veg.....

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