Crossbody Bag for Walking

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Milton Keynes market (Neil's fabric) are delivering during lockdown, so as I have not been shopping since I took the opportunity to place an order, I got some things that are just handy to have, as kind of feel I may not be shopping until next March!

Was pleased that the patterned lined up, which I had not planned in the first place, it just worked after i cut the fabric!

I did also get some Christmas polycotton with the intention of making some drawstring bags for Christmas to save keep using wrapping paper, as yet I am undecided what size to make them

Here is a quick snap of the ones that I have made for Paul's birthday

The off white one was from Fatface with PJs in last years, and the Minions bag was a bit of a find in my son's old wardrobe!  The tartan and wine labels are my prototypes, and found a way to do them fairly quickly.


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