Bunting - Maulden WI dabble

Monday 28 June 2021


I have recently joined Maulden WI, and they have a weekly dabble group.  We have been teaching/learning to crochet over the last few moths (sometimes virtually, and others now in the garden

I have to say it has been lovely having a crafty natter, some of the ladies decided that they would like to learn to crochet so we started on bunting, at the time not knowing that there would be a safari sale and hadn't realised that it would be used.

I googled around and found several ideas on ways to do it, and we set to the task.  Yarn had been collected and we made piles of triangles and squares.

It seemed more logical to theme them in some way so we made several strings that will be suitable for all occasions

I was given the homework to join some of them up, and here are the 4 lots that I did, displayed in the sunshine.

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