Padded bags for travelling with your mug

Tuesday 9 November 2021


Following covid a question about eating and drinking from cutlery etc pre-handled, has now got people thinking much easier to take your own things to a club, then very little washing up for the organisers.


Not a new idea, the CarftsbyCarolyn forum will remember the big meets that we had, we took our own things so no mass washing up needed.  And of course you can have a better mug, rather than those odd cups and saucers that always seem to be in village halls!

Just a padded bag with little slip pockets.  I then made a pouch from the end of the cut, not sure exact use, but will put my cutlery in it.  And then made a velcro fastening mug cosy to protect it on it's travels.

The place mat was an earlier make.

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