Lovely Day

Wednesday 24 January 2007

Well that is my birthday all over and done with....if I had been prepared to get up early I could have got to MK and seen a firework display as they decided to celebrate their 40th birthday on the same day as me (not same age tho!)...needless to say I decided to not get up early!

I came home early and Owen and I sat and watched the Pirates of the Caribbean...very good although the end seemed very much like they expect to do another!

Paul gave me some lovely pressies - although really the Robo was my birthday pressie....BUT apparently there is another surprise pressie that is out of stock! So had some new crafty bits and some rubber stamps, and some bits for my Creative Zen - I can now charge it in the car! I also got some cash from Mum and Dad and Paul's Mum. And Paul bought a birthday cake - and I had candles too, only 3 we didn't want a fire hazard!

I still need to make more cards - stocks got very low before Christmas, I have added a few that I have made on on here. Stuff from the shop:
Little house - isn't it cute? and great selection of colours, string of pearls, baby shoe brad (on ale now), metal rimmed tag and blue grosgrain ribbon, lilies and yellow striped ribbon.


  1. Wow, those cards are lovely. I have to make an 18th card for our neice today who is an Irish Dancer!!

  2. Ooh err an Irish Dancer - that does sound tricky

  3. Great cards as always Carolyn i love the new house one.I wouldn't have thought of using it like this.

  4. Great cards Carolyn :)
    And i am blaming you for my spending today, i bought 12 H2O'S and 10 stamps from Pixie (please don't add links on your blog) he he


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