Oh dear - catalogue of disasters!

Friday 5 January 2007

Sorry I have not been blogging...several reasons....

Firstly my parents have been here for the past few days and so I have been busy wth them. We have had a lovely time exchanging pressies, going for walks and doing some shopping. We also spent some time playing Rummikub which made a change.

Then disaster struck and the transformer on the router blew.....which meant we had to instal the modem and just have one PC running....and then even bigger disaster struck the one remaining PC managed to catch a virus......which seems to have ground it to a hlat now and we are not sure why.

So what a disaster.

In addition to this we are still trying to sort out Owen's Christmas pressie and exchange the bike that was delivered with the Barbie pink writing, as yet we have had several promises and they have not yet come to fruition. We have managed to successfully exchange the broken flash drive and the broken torch. But the flash drive did not arrive before the virus struck so I hadn't backed up for a few weeks.....but hey ho - we are stll happy bunnies really!

Worked and worked last Friday - quite enjoying doing 1 day weeks - but I think next week I will have to do 3 days!

Hehe the other funny thing we did was send Owen off to school on Wednesday - when in fact he wasn't due to go to school until Thursday....just not been our two weeks really. I even managed to break the car temporarily - but it is better now!


  1. Oh Carolyn hope things have settled for you soon. I can imagine Owens upset and frustration at the wrong bike and bless him going to school a day early

    Take care

    love Rachel x

  2. What a rotten start to the year.

    And as for poor Owen being sent to school a day early - well, I hope you bought him something nice to make up for it LOL!


  3. - twas really funny - poor Owen he was sad at first but then thought it was funny. There isn't anything Owen actually needs - so no he did not get anything - besides he said he didn't want to go shopping!

  4. lol that school thing is so the sort of thing that I would do 'cept I would be a day late!! Hope you get everything sorted out...

    Happy New Year!!
    Jo xx

  5. All sounds very technical to me - glad I don't have to host a massive forum!


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