Mid life crisis?

Saturday 20 January 2007

I decided that my hair was far too grey and with a birthday looming thought it would be best to cover some of it...before the day arrived. So I am now a chestnut colour - tee hee. I did ask the boys if it took years off my life, Paul said it did, Owen said you have only coloured your hair! A friend of mine that is a little older said she has been having a mid life crisis which apparently why she now has a dog and a sports car...I hope that I am only effected by the sports car! As her dog now answers to the name of the 'damn dog' - I don't think I am ready to go there! He he she is quite a cute dog really and was bought fabby pink sweater for her Chistmas pressie.

We are all off for a meal in a while so will report back tomorrow.

I managed to make a few cards using the new stamps - this cat it so cute! the ribbons, button and prima flower are from the shop....I will have to make some more tomorrow, but need have go a block on ideas....maybe the new template challenge will help me along.

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