busy week

Wednesday 20 June 2007

Well such a busy week, work Mon and Tues, and rushed around with cricket and football for Owen in the evenings! (well I admit I didn't get that involved in the footie!)

Today I went to see Susan for the day in Loughton. We had a really nice time - I did some stamping and made a card doing shadow stamping - although it was the same as one she had done before - but what the heck! I used a patterned brsyer for the first time too! We had a lovely natter and sat out in the garden and had lunch. A good journey both ways on the M25 too - so all in all a fab day.

I had time to wander around Wingate Drive delivering the Ampthill Festival programmes - which was good excerise, only got one road left to do now!

I really need to get some photos taken of the cards to put up for the challenges...but tomorrow is another hectic day. I have my market duty for the morning and then it is a committee meeting in the afternoon.

Mum and Dad are coming next week and we are having the utility done on Monday at long last - so the weekend will be taken up with clearing that out and taking as much out as possible. Just do not seem to have time for anything else!

I never put up the recipe for banana muffins - so will have to do that tomorrow...and a new wordsearch. Oh well must go now as need to price up my cards for tomorrow.

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