Owen's birthday

Sunday 10 June 2007

Yesterday it was Owen's birthday - he was 12...they really do grow up fast!

He wanted Wii and so that is what he got. We did buy him a book and some other bits and bobs just for something to unwrap as he had been with me when we go it! We had a small problem setting it up - as weappear to have lost the TV changer and found out that the 'universal' one we have bought does no do all the functions for setting it up and finding it. So after initial panic and wobbly lip I got the TV down from our bedroom and it works fine on that.

Have to say it is good fun and definitely different to the other machines...how long it lasts until the novelty wears off I am not sure!

I then made a chocolate cake and Owen decorated it with buttons. A couple of friends came round and they had a water fight in the garden and we all had a piece of cake, after a blowing out the candles ceremony.

Then I went and got a take away chinese - he seemed to think that was a fine and dandy birthday.

Today he went to Bedford to the Oasis pool. There were 3 of them and they were there for hours and bought their own lunch. The first time for him that he had a day out on his own (they got lifts to and from Bedford) - so grown up already!

I will do the recipe for the cake tomorrow, as I need to type it out.

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