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Wednesday 6 June 2007

I just thought I would catch up with my first 'book club' experience! Sarah who has organised it has got 8 of us together, so Sarah knew everyone but each of us didn't know a few of the others iykwim.

She has registered the club with the Ampthill library and they organise getting 8 books together for us free of charge. It obviously takes a while to get all the books organised, so you give them a list and they get onto it. So this time Sarah made a decision and got "The Accidental Mother" by Rowan Coleman, as it was nice and easy.

The library provided us with a list of books that they have 8 copies and we selected a few titles from there to get us started for next time. We will be meeting every 6 weeks, and will chat about the book, choose some new books and chat about other books we have read.

We all have some common interests, so we had a general natter as well that was good fun, and we seemed to get on famously.

Yesterday, I met Sue for lunch - we decided to go to Stamp Addicts first. I just couldn't decide what to buy - so ended up buying very little - how shocking is that! I did get one of those water brushes that we chatted about on the forum...I have yet to try it out. Tomorrow is Owen's birthday, so I will bake a cake in the morning.

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