A Mother's Day card

Tuesday 3 February 2009

So as promised here is a Mother's Day Card!

I have been playing on MSWord again and made these little circles - I have put them on the web site if you want to use them. I have put them under free downloads - themed paper packs - but will probably find a better home for them eventually...!

I used one of Sally Ann's downloads for the cupcake - it looks good enough to eat!

I have made a few more so will have to get some photos together.

So the snow has started to melt, a big change between driving to work and coming home this evening. I didn't even take anymore photos - was kicking myself that I forgot to take the camera out this morning as it was glorious, the sun was shining, so pretty.


  1. I love that cupcake and also the circular text - great card. x

  2. MMmm..very edible indeed....love the greeting too...

    ...at least you can take more photos again today - we have loads of snow here as I see most of the country has....roll on summer! xx


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