More snow

Thursday 5 February 2009

I can't believe that we had more snow today, I was due to go into work - but it apparently MK was as bad as Ampthill, and the boss suggested I stay at home.

I have taken some more pics - some are the same as the last except with more snow!

I walked into town - the Country Markets had set up a stall under the shelter of Richardson's the jewellers as there were no market stalls. The Fish man had made it down from Grimsby though!

Check out Jennies blog for some great includes one of those Tim Holtz Rulers.....

So the first few pictures are in the town:

A big turn out as everyone is at home!

Here is Owen - but he couldn't be bothered to walk into Ampthill with me.

these are the back garden and beyond the same as Monday - but more snow

followed by views out the back - looked the other for this one - and can see the trees towards the Church

The very last photo is one of the Lime trees out on the 'Meadow' that we look at from our bedroom window - looking very spooky


  1. Brrrrr Great photos. We haven't had any more today - some rain, but not enough to wash away what we already had. x

  2. Fab photos Carolyn - well done for venturing out..have a lovely weekend..xx


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